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5 Effective Ways to Use Assessment to Boost Employee Retention


Talent Retention is one of the most critical elements in the employee life cycle. These days, many organisations are faced with a big challenge when it comes to retaining their key employees. They are scrambling to put into place practices that will help them keep their best talent.
They understand that one of the key things that differentiate top organisations from others is their ability to attract and retain their best talent. At the same time, Employee attrition is a battle that top organisations need to win, or at least minimise.​ Therefore, it is imperative that they find diverse means to manage employee attrition and retention.​

Date: August 25th 2022
Duration: 12pm – 1pm
Title: Understanding the Trends of Employee Attrition and the Effective Ways to Manage Retention

This webinar is essential for:

Heads of HR, Senior HR Professionals​ and L&D Professionals.

Speakers Section

Akindele Afolabi: Director, Workforce Resourcing.

Akindele Afolabi is the Director of Workforce Resourcing, the recruitment and assessment arm of Workforce Group, a leading business and HR consulting firm.​ ​ Akindele helps HR Managers, CEOs and SMEs in using assessment tools to make the right recruitment & selection decisions and access better performance, productivity, and profitability.​ ​ At Workforce Resourcing, Akindele adopts a rigorous and innovative approach in working with clients. In his 18-year career, he has assessed over 800,000 candidates and recruited over 5,000 exceptional talent to deliver high-impact and growth-driven solutions to high profile organisations in Africa.

In this webinar, you'll learn:​