The easiest way to organise and
deploy digital learning for your entire workforce

Need a feature-rich, multi-device learning experience platform that can meet your organisation’s unique needs? You’ve made the right stop!

We are proud partners with the world’s largest eLearning content provider – Go 1

Build relevant skills at scale with a robust learning platform
  • Expansive library of courses, all in one place:

    Choose from 100,000+ content curated from over 200 top–tier learning providers across the globe. From compliance training to soft skills; there is everything for everyone.

  • Rich user interface

    Features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that creates an incredibly rich learning experience for your team.

  • Requires zero installation. 100% cloud-based

    Designed to get learning going at the click of a button so you can launch your eLearning initiatives within minutes and not days.

Get access to an expansive content hub – with just a single subscription!

A single content subscription provides a rich library, hosting more than 100,000 high-quality courses from over 200 learning providers- all readily available for you to explore! These courses are expertly curated to suit a variety of topics including compliance, sales, project management, finance, and more.

Through carefully-selected learning pathways, you can easily tailor relevant content to your organisation’s specific learning needs – delivering a smooth learning experience to your entire workforce. 

Discover Exciting Features That Supercharge Seamless Learning

Comprehensive Reporting

Monitor your employees’ progress from start to completion. Track training success with clean, in-built reporting tools, templates and a configurable dashboard. Generate detailed reports in a single click.

Learning Path Management

Take control of your training. Create learning paths for various learner groups. Set and rules that define what happens from grouping your learners to awarding badges.

Assessment and Quiz Engines

Motivate learners, help them recall and assess learning outcomes with robust assessment tools.

Mobile Responsive

Help your employees learn what they want, when they want. There are no physical limitations.


Encourage healthy competitions to engage your learners, create badges and awards for course completion and achieving learning goals.


Help your employees feel at ease with learning. Add a personal touch that reflects your corporate image and brand identity.

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