Hiring without Assessment

Assessments are used by organisations during the hiring process to measure an employee’s capability to take on a role or job position.

Assessments are used by organisations during the hiring process to measure an employee’s capability to take on a role or job position.

Assessment centers implement a variety of assessment methods like group discussions, competency-based tests, presentations, and others.

Using assessments is of more value to a recruiting organisation than the candidate; therefore, it is ideal for assessments to be the major part of the recruitment process.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring using assessment:

Detailed Insight: Assessments give a recruiter a detailed insight into the candidate’s ability, behaviour, skills, values and other relevant criteria for the job. This helps recruiters hire right by picking the candidate that ticks the necessary boxes rather than making vague decisions. You get to see how a candidate will handle a real-life situation instead of getting a verbal and premeditated answer.

Accuracy: Eliminate every form of bias, personal opinion or gut feeling in your recruitment process. The choice of candidate is not dependent on bias or based on the subjective opinions of the different interviewers involved in the hiring process.

‘Psychic’ Abilities: Not only does hiring with assessment provide the recruiter with immediate insight to the candidate’s existing performance, but it also helps the recruiter to predict the future job performance of a prospective employee. This prevents errors in the recruitment process and can save the organisation from making a huge mistake.

Cost-Effective: You save your organisation the cost of paying for unnecessary recruitment phases and errors by making use of the assessment process.

Fairness & Objectivity: Assessments ensure an organisation is fair in all its dealings; especially the hiring process. The spate of corruption should be prevented from seeping into the recruitment process from time-to-time. Assessments use a broad and rigorous array of exercises that makes certain that the hiring process is fair and merit-based. The most suitable candidate gets the job.

Employer brand: An organisation that makes use of assessments is building its employer brand because candidates get a first-hand experience of how painstaking and fair the organisation is in selecting its employees. The candidates’ impression of the organisation is very important as it promotes its reputation as a brand with integrity.

High Validity: The high validity of the assessments used in recruitment processes represent a foolproof method of hiring top talents. You are certain that the candidate(s) you eventually select is the best fit for the role.

Unique Experience: The transparency and thoroughness of assessment impressed the values and culture of the employer/recruiter on candidates. This can only be experienced through interaction between candidates and staff members.

These are most of the benefits of using assessments in the hiring process. It is very unwise to conduct hiring without assessment; I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

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