Effectiveness Audit

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With the frequent changes in market realities, regulatory requirements, business landscape and customer demands, many organisations today face a continuous state of change.

Business leaders must accept and confront the brutal reality that as the pace of business accelerates, an organisation’s effectiveness can become diluted by all the growth activities which consume available resources at an alarming and unprecedented rate.

Without a doubt, constantly monitoring and optimising your organization’s effectiveness is a prerequisite for building a sustainable organisation and an essential requirement for strategy execution. However, our research and interactions with various business leaders indicate that most organisations struggle to get it right.

An organisation’s ability to harness its people, processes, and finances in reaching its goals is a measure of its effectiveness. An effective organisation runs smoothly, functions well, and competes favorably in the marketplace. Yet, most organisations are unable to drive optimum performance to attain this desired state and grow consistently.

Therefore, what can business executives do to improve organisational effectiveness and ensure an overall alignment between various business areas?

Does your organisation have the right people, structures, and processes needed to achieve its goals
--in the most effective manner?

Workforce Group’s Organisational Effectiveness survey helps business leaders take a holistic approach to auditing the strategic planning, business planning, HR, and financial activities within their organisation.

We help you identify the gaps on your optimal path to success and create a concise “snapshot” of the completeness and quality of standard practices conducted within your organisation.

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As a business leader, one of the best ways to understand the crucial role of organisational effectiveness is to answer these questions: “Is my business doing the right things? Can it perform better?”

With these questions in mind, attempt each survey below to identify pitfalls, areas to improve, and double-check to ensure that your company is pursuing the right goals and objectives.