At Workforce, we see outsourcing as a long-term business relationship rather than simply a contract between the client and service provider. We understand that outsourcing is first and foremost about realising business goals and we have built capabilities that optimise our clients’ performance and deliver their business growth aspirations. 

With almost 7,000 outsourced employees, we deliver intelligently designed, best-in-class, value-driven and sustainable solutions that support the business growth aspirations of our clients. We provide cutting edge support that enhances efficiency, optimises service levels, strengthens competitive advantage, reduces overall operational costs and allows organisations to focus on their core competencies. Our key offerings include Employee Management Outsourcing, Project and Business Process Outsourcing, Task Outsourcing and Virtual Staffing.

What makes Workforce Outsourcing unique?

Workforce Outsourcing continues to dominate the market space with exceptional service that stands us apart from the competition. Our competitive advantage includes our commitment to providing our clients with:

  • Subject Matter Experts to provide expert advice and support the delivery of our outsourcing solutions.
  • Call-Centre and Employee Care Systems for our outsourced employees to drive engagement and efficiency.
  • Dedicated Business Partners that engage with our clients at various levels to ensure services are delivered effectively.
  • Technology Enabled Processes to facilitate the delivery of processes such as recruitment, payroll administration, performance management, leave and absence management, and exit management.
  • Multi-location offices and representation across the major cities in Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu, Ibadan and Kano.

Quick Facts

We have state coordinators located in all 36 states of the Federation, with major regional offices in 6 locations.


outsourced employees deployed across various business sectors.


employment-ready candidates across a broad spectrum of industry-relevant skills and competencies.


of the leading financial services institutions in Nigeria use our outsourced employees.