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Graduate Talent in Nigeria: Unpacking the Hidden Cost of Recruitment

Graduate recruitment is vital for many organisations. But as with many vital projects, it comes at a cost. And while cost is often associated with monetary value, it covers only a part of the real cost of hiring graduate talent.

This guide examines the cost of hiring graduate talent in 3 parts. The first part examines the financial cost of conducting a proper graduate trainee exercise.

This includes the cost of conducting first-level assessment and then the assessment centre exercises. We also used an estimated number of candidates as well as the estimated number of assessors needed to effectively oversee the exercise. This allowed us to calculate the Cost per Hire for candidates.

The second part of this guide examined the cost of hiring wrongly. As previously stated, the cost of hiring graduate trainees go beyond the money cost. Some of the other costs to be factored in include:​

  • Productive hours spent recruiting the candidates​
  • Overall time spent undertaking the graduate trainee project.​
  • Time wasted hiring the wrong candidate.

The last part of the guide explains how organisations can maximise the cost expended in conducting graduate trainee programmes.

This is especially important because organisations need to get return on their investment in order to keep growing.

This guide shares a few tips that organisations can adopt to ensure that they get maximum benefits from all the money, time and effort they put into hiring graduate trainees for their business.