Four Fruits of Workplace Diversity

In the old world, perhaps diversity struggled to actualise it’s potential. We see this in stories like the Tower of Babel where division through language is referenced as a means of disrupting what was otherwise a brilliant marvel in architecture. However, that was then, and this is now. 

Unlike the diversity of the older world where very little was held in common with distant identities, the world of today offers a completely different take. With digital communication and the connectivity it has spun, globalisation has come to stay, and hiring from diverse backgrounds has become an advantage. Just in case you were wondering how differences could add up to productivity, here are some examples. 

  1. Improve creativity and innovation 

Regardless of if we choose to accept or confront it, we are all products of our environment in one way or the other. This means we are limited by our cognitive framing (conceptualisation of the world, our environment and problems). A good example of this can be found in comparing Western and Eastern design ideas when considering cars. Older Western cars relying heavily on the angular and masculine aesthetic made predominantly large cars with disregard for aerodynamics or space economy. The Eastern school of thought with it’s more feminine disposition entered the market with more compact and aerodynamically streamlined cars. Today, this is the favoured standard, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. 

  1. Improving employee cultural exposure 

A quick lesson in multi-cultural studies relating to business, will expose learners to basic cultural concepts that can oil business relationships when applied. For example, it is considered sincere to look people in the eye when discussing in England. In Africa, and other societies with higher power-distance metrics, this is considered invasive and disrespectful. By hiring a diverse team, everyone benefits from a cross-cultural education that will both help in optimising your staff performance and improve their personal knowledge of life outside their bubble. 

  1. Attractive brand positioning for hiring 

The best talent will never be limited to any one group, so how can you make sure that your business can attract and retain the best, regardless of where they are from? It is normal for employees to feel more at home where they feel the employee is invested in curating a space that acknowledges and respects their identity. The best way to do this is to employ with diversity in mind. This creates an environment where staff do not have to worry about being at a disadvantage when it comes to playing office politics. The fostering of staff security and encouraging a sense of belonging in the workplace goes a very long way to attracting and retaining the best from a diverse background. 

  1. Keeping up with the latest practices 

It is no accident that technology companies like Google are borderline obsessed with diversity in their companies. This is because they understand the value of diverse thinking in their company. In the future, leading brands and businesses will attract more customers due to more expansive representation on the staff level. This is because such companies will be equipped to carter to wider markets based on learning from their own internal ecosystem. The future is here, and it is diverse. 


Workforce market entry services focus not only on research into your industry and how best to penetrate the market; we also focus on understanding the local culture in workplaces and how you can be staffed to win. 

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