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by Workforce Group

Corporate Training Services in Nigeria

Workforce Group is one of the leading corporate training companies in Nigeria focused on a powerful idea of the training, development, and growth of high performing employees and organisations.

Our focus has been and remains the pursuit of effectiveness and performance of individuals, teams, and organisations with our turnkey training and development curriculum.

With our state-of-the-art training facilities situated in a serene environment at the heart of Lagos Nigeria, we offer a unique value of defining the paradigms and practices that result in a high-performance culture, thereby creating measurable value and tangible results for you.


Our Training Solutions

Open Enrolment and Customised/In-Company Training Programmes

Our bouquet of corporate training programmes cover a series of perception-expanding workshops in Executive Education (Leadership and Management Development Programmes, Technology Education, etc.), Human Resources, Finance, and personal productivity.

These training programmes are designed to focus on skills, knowledge, and behaviours that enable individuals, teams, and ultimately, organisations to perform at outstanding levels in a volatile, unpredictable, complex, and fast-changing environment.

Why you should attend our training programmes

✅ Highly practical programmes laden with case-studies and scenario-building activities

✅ Opportunities for learning delegates to network and interact with peers from within or (in open enrolment) other organisations to share best practices

✅ Provision of pre-read materials to learning delegates to enable them to prepare adequately for the respective training programmes

✅ Delivery of fresh insights, tools, and next best practices. Our training and development programmes are continually updated with new research, case studies, and insights from business communities

✅ Continued support of delegates’ lifelong learning aspirations through a periodic mailing of relevant developmental materials after completion of their training programme

Leverage our customised training programmes for the following needs

⚪ Policy Training

⚪ Service Knowledge Training

⚪ Employee Engagement Survey and Communication

⚪ Product Knowledge Training

⚪ Culture Change Training

⚪ Performance Support Tool

⚪ Job Aids

⚪ New Hire Induction

E-Learning Solution

We work with you to develop creative custom e-learning solutions tailored to your proprietary needs. We convert existing course content (in the form of slideshow presentations, word documents, instructor-led training, etc.) into brilliant online or blended online e-learning formats using the best instructional design methodologies for deployment on their choice platform-LMS, LAN, etc. We also distribute repurposed learning materials via basic storage devices.

Our training and development solutions also include:

You can leverage our experience and astounding international training partnerships, and our off-the-shelf courses which cut across soft skills, financials, and management courses.

Keep track of all courses with our Learning Management System. Identify and access learning resources and results from your online assessments.

High-Performance Strategy Retreats and Team Development Solutions

As a market leader in the area of strategy retreat facilitation and team development, we provide the following interventions:

Team and Leadership Development

Team Motivation

Strategy, Culture, and People Development

Employee and Stakeholder Engagement

Retreat, Conference, and Meeting-Based Team Building Events

High-Performance Induction Training Programmes

With our experience in the area of recruiting and helping to induct thousands of employees yearly, we assist you in designing a best-in-class induction training programme that will ensure that your newly hired employees start to contribute meaningfully to your organisation as soon as possible.

Business Simulation

Our business simulations are powerful tools to facilitate individual and group learning in a simulated environment to test the “what if?” scenarios that replicate a typical organisation.

This allows you as a learner to be placed in roles that challenge you to discover how you can improve your decision making, communication, leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork skills all in a completely safe environment.

Our business simulations are available for banking and financial services, telecommunications, oil and gas (upstream and downstream operations), FMCG, and hospitality industries.

We also support you with the development of bespoke or off-the-shelf training content to aid the effective design and delivery of your workshops.


What you get when you procure our training development solution

  • Complete learning files
  • Detailed Learning Presentations and Participant Manual
  • Detailed Leader/Facilitators Guide
  • Post Course Action Plans for Participants
  • Training Icebreakers and Training Games
  • Training Guides
  • Pre-Course Tests and Course Evaluation Form
  • Training Video (where applicable)

Certification Training Programmes

As a training company in Nigeria, we collaborate with strategic training and development partners. This allows us to provide cutting-edge workshops and recognised certification to develop requisite competencies needed by our participants.

Key Partners