Learning and Development

Learning and Development

by Workforce Group
Maintaining a competitive workforce capable of delivering on business objectives requires the right balance of training for the jobs today, and development for roles in the future. Neither mere training nor development alone can assure business performance, but the “right” training and development. In the “right” lies all the difference!
At Workforce Development, our research-based approach to problem solving and solution engineering enables us to get to the root cause of ineffectiveness, and focus the necessary interventions for effective resolution by providing the right training and developmental initiative required to unleash organisational excellence.
Workforce Strategy Overhaul and HR Retreat
  • With experience spanning over a decade in conducting competency-based assessments, we have built an immense track record in terms of the credibility of our assessment tools and the ease of use and interpretation.
  • Organisations engage us when they are desirous of evaluating or benchmarking specific behaviours among their employees in areas such as leadership, culture alignment, ownership, core values, customer service orientation, team work etc. – either for the purpose of getting a clear picture of the realities or “as-is” competency pattern of staff in their business
  • Designing targeted developmental interventions; and/or ascertaining the degree of effectiveness of a competency-based intervention that invested in employees e.g. leadership training and culture transformation projects.
  • The HR Director of a leading multinational telecoms engaged us to evaluate leadership effectiveness within their business. Using a thoroughly researched framework and the leadership competence framework of the organisation, we co-created and deployed a 360 degrees leadership assessment survey across the different levels of leadership within the organisation.
  • The result was a gap analysis and the maturity level of leaders across the business with recommendations on how the gaps can be bridged and developmental interventions
  • Our 360 reports also provide you with specific, practical and immediately applicable suggestions for continuing your development

Our client-centric approach from design to deployment of learning solutions informs the gamut of our offerings. Being mindful of the fact that a lot of factors influence an organisation’s choice of learning programme such as training needs, budget, number of employees to be trained, timing, and logistics, we give you the latitude to choose between our range of Open Enrolment programmes and In-company Programmes.

Over the years, certain knowledge, skills and competencies have been identified as critical success factors required for effectiveness in certain functional units, and in general organisation. These competencies cut across industries and organisations, and would always enhance employee performance any time.

Our Open programmes are tailored towards addressing these gaps in the areas of Personal Effectiveness, Management, Human Resources, Finance, and Leadership.

We are also conscious of the unique context of every organisation and how this might impact unique learning needs. Our-In-Company Programme is bespoke, targeted at addressing your organisation’s unique needs in a unique way.

We have been at the forefront of research, design, development and delivery of cutting-edge learning programmes for more than a decade. Our programmes have been tested thoroughly and accepted as world class by the best in the business community.

Facilitated by industry practitioners, our competency-based courses are designed to focus on the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable individuals, teams and organisations perform excellently in complex and fast-changing environments.

With growing demand for compression in business cycle times and process efficiency, there is heightened demand on the twenty-first century workforce to keep pace with the dynamic knowledge and skillset requirement which is changing at an alarming pace.

The alarming speed of knowledge obsolescence and evolution is increasingly reducing the feasibility of classroom learning, especially for multinationals and geographically dispersed organisations.

e-Learning has gained an unprecedented acceptance as a cost-effective substitute for organisational learning, as learners have unrestricted access to knowledge at the same time across diverse locations.

Studies show that implementing e-learning potentially eliminates about 50% of corporate travel budget, saves 50% in training time, and cut an estimated 40%-60% off from conventional classroom training cost.

At Workforce Development, we partner with our clients to develop online, blended e-learning solutions tailored to their proprietary needs. We provide bespoke e-learning content development or upgrade and enhance existing content using the best instructional design methodologies.

The first and best opportunity an organisation has to inculcate employees with the right culture, attitude and performance orientation is presented during Staff Induction.

Research studies conducted by Aberdeen Group found that organisations that enjoy Best-in-Class performances share several characteristics, including a commitment to excellence in the quality, structure and effectiveness of their induction programmes.

There exists a high tendency that an organisation which fails to capitalise on the immense window of opportunity presented during the induction phase of an employee’s life cycle might as well have shortened the employee life cycle by over 50%. In fact, the data suggests that employees who leave an organisation within their first six months of employment, made such decisions during the on-boarding phase.

Our High Performance Induction Programmes are designed to effectively and proactively engage new employees, accustom them to the organisation’s culture and adequately prepare them so they hit the ground running.

Our aim is to help you bridge any knowledge, skills and performance gaps as quickly and as effectively as possible. We offer a full spectrum of crucial workplace competencies through our robust curriculums and application-focused trainings.

In an era of accelerating change, increasing complexity, and overwhelming competition, organisations have been experimenting with new methodologies to improve business performance.

While organisational performance is primarily hinged on the improvement of processes and systems using technology, the place of effective teamwork which connects dots is often overlooked.

Technological quality improvements and process enhancement can only produce desired results when the performance of the people involved is maximised via effective teamwork.

Managers at all levels constantly seek team development solutions that can help their teams attain and sustain optimal performance. Unfortunately, while most team retreats succeed in exciting the team members with an overdose of fun-filled-activities, they end up being remembered only as a time-away-from–work with no lasting team impact.

We design retreats that help organisations; from small businesses to large multinational corporations, build healthy and productive relationships between individuals and teams within the workplace.

Our team building retreats are guided by the philosophy of helping team members get committed to teamwork, helping the team operate more smoothly, resolving problems more quickly, preventing conflict from turning toxic, and ultimately improving team output.

Having knowledge alone does not guarantee its effective transfer. Certain skills are critical to a Trainer for successful transmission of knowledge in training.

The Train the Trainer (TTT) programme helps individuals identified to train or mentor others within an organisation, learn and master the soft skills and techniques required in adult learning.

We understand that there are learning interventions that some of our clients would prefer to deliver internally. This may be due to cost considerations, more adequate knowledge of the subject matter or the need for organisation-specific learning interventions.

Whatever the reason, we support their objectives by training, coaching and mentoring their internal trainers to deliver top-class learning interventions across their organisation.

We also develop training materials and course content and provide accredited training certifications for subject matter experts, as well as aid the design and delivery of workshops.

Our Train the Trainer & Course Content Development programme also serves as a cost-effective intervention in managing training budgets, as well as an employee engagement initiative that helps older employees find relevance by impacting younger ones.

We facilitate seminars, conferences and events that feature renowned industry experts and senior level representatives from the world’s most successful and forward-thinking organisations.

Our seminars and conferences which are modelled after the leading events in the world, are designed to provide the best education available in the areas of Human Resources, Learning and Performance, Leadership and Human Capital Management.

Featuring keynote addresses, theory presentations, practical debate, and a wide range of collaborative and networking opportunities, the conferences and seminars are great opportunities to listen to – and interact with – some of the leading thinkers, visionaries and practitioners across diverse industries and business functions.

Chief among our line-up of Conferences and Seminars are:

  • Senior HR Executive Conference (SHREC): Nigeria’s foremost industry-focused HR conferences for Senior HR Executives and CEO
  • Learning & Development Leaders’ Conference (L&D Conference): First Learning and Development focused conference in Nigeria, where L&D Leaders discuss how to position training and development as a strategic contributor to business growth and transformation.

Our seasoned team of Performance Consultants partner with organisations who seek to drive enterprise-wide sustainable performance to maintaining a competitive advantage and increase market share.

Learning is futile when there is no tangible resultant business impact. Organisations who failed to recognise, acknowledge, and embrace this fact continue to engage in a vicious cycle of learning, and HR solutions are implemented with minimal performance change or impact.

Fundamentally, the root cause of learning without change in business performance metrics is failure to recognise that performance interventions cannot work in silos. Business performance is a holistic process that requires the active involvement of management and the implementation of multiple solutions through systems-thinking.

Performance consulting is a process designed to achieve business results by maximising the performance of people and organisations. It is a systematic, performance-oriented approach that not only focuses on implementing solutions but also on achieving sustained business results.

We deploy a systems-thinking approach to investigate and identify other environmental factors that may degrade performance at the individual and enterprise level.

Our approach is business goal-focused; identifies performance gaps and traces their root cause; systematic and systemic – it considers more than training, organisational development, or process improvement as a possible solution; instead it looks at the system.