Digital Learning

We develop creative and bespoke e-learning solutions tailored to your organisation’s proprietary needs.

The world is fast evolving, and if the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside, then the end is in sight.
In today’s rapidly volatile and ambiguous world, organisations are forced to change or update their business and operational strategy to accommodate new technologies and organisational learning is not left out. Organisations need to reskill, transform and develop their employees to successfully execute these new strategies, making the need to embrace digitisation of learning a critical success factor for business success.

Digital Transformation of Learning is the innovative integration of digital technology into the design and delivery of corporate learning.

At Workforce Learning, we help L&D professionals achieve a fundamental mindset change for their organisation’s approach to training and developing the workforce of the future.
Our solution covers the following modes of Digital Learning >>

Content Delivery

Learning resources, interactive e-lessons, video simulations and job aids.

E-tutoring, E-Coaching & E-Mentoring

Individual support, feedback and assessment review.

Collaborative & Social Learning

Setting out a platform for chat and discussion forums among participants.

Virtual Classroom

Remote instructor-led classes involving slides, audio and video material.

We care about the success of your business which is why we develop solutions to help you!
The right learning strategy impacts an organisation’s culture and acts as an enabler for people during significant change. So let us help you develop and execute a learning strategy that supports your organisation in achieving its strategic business goals during these evolving times.

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