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Design Thinking and Innovation for Businesses

How do innovators fill gaps and needs in people’s lives? One fundamental skill they possess is empathy development. Design thinking as an innovative methodology is based on empathy, which helps to redefine problems, uncover space for ideation and multiple iterations of prototypes leading to innovation.

Aligning Organisational Learning with Corporate Strategy

With the awakening of many business leaders to the transformational power of learning and development, L&D leaders must reevaluate their approach, focusing not just on upskilling and reskilling employees but also on transformational practices that drive business performance.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development for Startups

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic process of vision, change, and innovative thinking towards the creation of new ideas and solutions. It has become essential for every leader to develop fundamental entrepreneurial and leadership skills for application within an existing business or when launching a new venture.

Line Manager as a Coach and Talent Developer

Line managers play a crucial role in coaching, developing, retaining, and supporting talented employees within their team. Coaching can make a significant difference in every organisation as it helps individuals – and teams – improve performance, acquire new skills and collaboratively work with others.

Third Sector Leadership for Impact 

Third sector has been characterised as enterprising, adaptive and resilient. Therefore, as the business environment continues to change, third sector leaders have to continually develop themselves, maintain high motivation as well as agility to strategically lead and uncover new opportunities for growth within the sector.

HR Analytics: Leveraging Data to Drive Results 

People are the most valuable and expensive asset so it makes sense to optimise their contribution. Collecting data on employees’ performance, recruitment, talent, and developmental needs enables HR professionals and the organisation to gain insights into the performance of the workforce.

Business Acumen for HR Professionals

The traditional operational role of human resource leaders has seen a dramatic shift in the last decade. More and more organisations have identified HR as a key business unit that has significant implications for achieving corporate objectives.

Stepping Up: Leadership Development for Emerging Leaders

Leadership professionals often quote “Leadership is Everyone’s Business” – however, research shows up to 63% of Millennials report that their leadership skills are not being fully developed. Today’s learners believe in a strong connection between their personal development and company success.