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Assessor Training for Our Client in the Fintech Industry

How We Helped This Leading Client In The Fintech Industry To Improve Their Recruitment Process Through Our Assessor Training

About the Client

Our client is a leading technology-driven digital payments company who, for years, has been assisting in shaping the payments ecosystem across the budding e-commerce sector in Africa. They have their headquarters in Lagos.


Our client in the FinTech industry recently approached us because they wanted their managers to take our Assessor Skills Training Course. They had just revamped their recruitment process to include a more structured approach in finding the right talent for their organisation. Particularly, the client incorporated Assessment Centres into their screening process.

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To this end, the Managers in the organisation were required to go through an Assessor Skills Training to equip them with the knowledge that will enable them effectively evaluate candidates, which in turn would help them in making selection decisions. Therefore, they needed qualified Assessors to train them in order to improve their skills as Assessors.


The training was conducted over the course of 4 days with a total of 130 participants in attendance and it included practical sessions and exercises which the participants were required to undergo so as to better understand the assessment process. 


By the end of the assessor training programme, the participants gained a deeper understanding of what an assessment centre is and how to evaluate competencies and behavioural indicators using multiple assessment tools. In addition, they learnt how to be effective Assessors as well as the ethical principles that every Assessor should be aware of.

Client Testimonial

“It was an insightful session which was rewarding for our assessors that participated in the programme. Thank you Workforce Group”.

At Workforce Group, we ensure organisations can have access to the best people through our assessment and recruitment offerings. 

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