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Workforce Group Frontline Force Intelligence Report

For the Nigerian Financial Services Industry.

Frontline Survey Report

This report contains vital information that can help to understand how to leverage your Frontliners as a strategic asset in your experience design.


More about this tool

It’s not uncommon to hear conversations about the poor experiences of customers of players in the Nigerian financial services space. But, these complaints are more perplexing as they come at the heel of the availability of mega customer data, advanced analytics and computing abilities, the creation of experience design offices and other substantial investments by players in this industry. Hence, making questions about what could be wrong or what are players in this space oblivious to a must-ask. The maiden edition of the report had us survey over 1500 Frontliners across eight (8) leading financial institutions. The report contains the distil of our findings, recommendations to build context-relevant experience, some common industry customer blindsight, and other suggestions for service improvement.