Next to the gift of life, the next best gift you can give your child is the MINDSET​ OF A CONSULTANT…​

Gifting your child the mindset of a consultant means giving them a higher-level mind, a mind that is rigorously trained to solve the hard problems that elude most people; a mind that is groomed to make high-stakes decisions.​

To have the mind of a consultant is to be comfortable with using some of the best problem-solving tools and solution- designing techniques known to man.​

Most people will never come close to comprehending the sophisticated problem-solving tools and tactics that consultants play with in solving complex problems. For this reason, the world will always pay premium price to access the MIND of a CONSULTANT.

Future Consultant Academy​

Age 13-19
Give your precious child the gift of such a mind.​

Tomorrow’s world will desperately need the best minds. They will always pay premium price for the best consultants.​

Will your child be one?​

Make it happen!​

Register your Teenager for the Future Consultant Programme​

Registration closes 17th of November.

Classes begin in December​ – Further information will be shared regarding the classes in the coming weeks.