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Senior Management Development Programme for Functional Leaders in a Top-Tier Financial Institution

The Challenge

Our client had a pressing need to improve the Leadership and managerial skills of functional leaders across the organisation because its succession pipeline was very lean, and organisational sustainability was at risk. They reached out to us, and we identified the critical need to create a pipeline of proactive leaders who desire to deliver corporate goals while ensuring the development of a foundation for leadership effectiveness across the entire organisation.

The Solution

We partnered with the client to design a Senior Management Development Programme to help their senior and principal managers accelerate the formidably demanding process of becoming excellent general managers and executives.   

By integrating technical and practical knowledge with personalised learning, the SMDP provided a more coherent and multidisciplinary view of strategy and Leadership within the organisation’s context.

Our Approach

 At the onset, we performed an extensive diagnosis to understand the current context, practices and procedures, and we arrived at vital decisions that the organisation needed to make. These included;

  • Deliberately instil effective Leadership into the organisation’s culture.  
  • Equip senior managers with an all-inclusive understanding of the global marketplace and a better-integrated view of the organisation.  
  • Strengthen the organisation’s succession pipeline to improve organisational sustainability significantly.  
  • Provide structured and deliberate capacity development for the next generation of executive management.  
  • Reduce the frequency of headhunts at the executive management level due to the unavailability of a strong succession pipeline.  
  • Confirm and expand technical and generalist managerial competence at senior levels.  
  • Create a new senior-level management staff with multifunctional expertise and competencies to provide strategic Leadership for the institution in the next four to five years. 

Based on our analysis of the situation, we deployed the following strategies;  

  • We developed assessment instruments to identify competency levels and gaps in targeted delegates.  
  • We developed and designed a robust curriculum to build competencies covering Experience, Coaching & Classroom.
  • Workforce Learning deployed 360 Degree Leadership Assessment, Climate benchmarking Assessment and Personality Test Assessment to assess gaps and opportunities for improvement.  
  • Conducted assessments to determine change or improvement in competency level and provided feedback and continuous support.


The results of our intervention were immediate. Leveraging business-focused projects, we were able to push the boundary of learning back to the workplace.   

After deploying the Senior Management Development Programme, the organisation’s succession pipeline grew by 70% over the following three (3) months. In addition, a 50% increase in management interaction, collaboration and innovation was recorded at desired levels.

We conducted a survey and found that 80% of learners rated the SMD Programme a 5 out of 5, and every 4 out of 5 participants said they would recommend the programme to their peers.

What We Can Do for You

Our cutting-edge Senior Management Development Programme is designed to equip your senior managers with the necessary Leadership and change management skills.  

The programme’s impact broadens their view and cultivates an empowered resilience to drive a dynamic business environment. The programme also equips your leaders with a design mindset to explore and implement strategic management concepts similar to the ones our clients experienced. This ultimately helps them reach their potential and successfully achieve organisational goals.

Work with us, and let’s help prepare your managers and executive team to lead a sustainable competitive edge.  

Kindly send us a mail here; 

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