Enabling your workforce to solve real-life business challenges with the aid of Experiential Learning..

Leverage our world-class toolkits to deliver experiential learning through simulated scenarios that guarantee unforgettable learning experiences.
Our Simulations offering covers the following areas
Business Simulations
Business simulations provide an interactive learning experience to enable participants to apply workplace knowledge in a robust and risk-free environment. In addition, these simulations allow participants to convert learning into practice and test their decisions in a controlled environment.
We deploy our Business Simulations across several industries, including >> Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas (Upstream and Downstream operations), FMCG and the Hospitality Industry.
Leadership Simulations – FLIGBY
The scenario-based approach used by FLIGBY is a proven method to improve critical thinking and decision making skills. The lessons are built around a series of progressively complex workplace assignments or situations and allow users to practice responses to challenging business conditions in a risk-free environment.
FLIGBY is designed to help every decision-maker have attitudes and make choices that will improve the well-being and effectiveness of their organisations and that of the community. It aims to show decision-makers how to foster an engaging and highly productive workplace and use its psychic energy to enhance the happiness of their employees, customers, stakeholders and even themselves.

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