Over the last decade, Workforce Group has leveraged digital technology to transform the way Human Resources Management is done in Nigeria. We believe that digital technology has the power to unlock the potential of individual and team talents, as well as organisational capabilities.

We help organisations get the most from their workforce through design, development and deployment of digital technologies that advance individual and team productivities, expand organisational capabilities and increase their probability for success. Our unique strength derives from our subject matter expertise and our commitment to follow through and support our clients in executing game changing strategic plans.

As leading innovators in Labour Technologies (LabourTech) and Education Technologies (EduTech), we are committed to leveraging innovative and competitive digital solutions to drive organisational performance, improve people productivity, facilitate strategic workforce excellence, establish learning organisations, and deliver excellent return on expectation, real business impact and measurable results.

What makes Workforce Technology unique?

We offer an exclusive range of LabourTech and EduTech innovations that enable organisations get the most from their talent. Our unique strength derives from our subject matter expertise and our commitment to providing our clients with end-to-end support from design to execution of our digital solutions.

Technology Enabled Labour and Education Solutions powered by a World Class Tech Academy.

At Workforce Innovation and Technology, we are growing the Digital Economy’s Leading Technology Workforce, one Tech Expert at a Time. Our World Class Curriculum is designed to transform Students into Experts, with domain focused expertise across Software Development, Design and Engineering Competences.

WIT Education Zone (e-Zone) is Committed to Building the Future Digital Workforce

e-Zone offers both Technical and Non-technical digital education designed to educate on all things digital and to develop a capable workforce required to grow and sustain our Digital Economy ecosystem.

We provide free and premium content to individuals looking to gain generic digital skills from learning to use digital tools, social media savviness and skills to create value in the digital economy.

We also offer a range of specialist courses on core technical areas from front-end design to back-end development, coding, data science and analytics. We cover technical skills required to support the digital economy.

Digital Workforce-On-Demand Services

Our local, national and global network of Digital Workforce and our Online Workforce On-Demand Platforms provides access to Leading Digital and Tech Specialists for the delivering of Corporations and Businesses Technology Innovation Projects.

Innovation Research, Media and Events

We consistently research into digital trends, forces and factors that are shaping and impacting businesses and workforces across industry verticals and publish ground-breaking research reports, host industry defining technology events and disseminate cutting edge Technology/Digital Thought Leadership through every medium to engage, educate, empower and enlighten key stakeholders across the Digital Economy Ecosystem.

We bring together leading thinkers at the intersection of digital technology and labour from academia, business, and policy through our series of events and conferences providing opportunities for sponsorships.

Co-creating Value and Growth in the Digital Ecosystem

This is a specialised recruitment service we provide fill various vacancies within their organisation with experienced employees, typically requiring multiple candidates for each role.

We leverage on our rich and robust database, network of high level contacts in organisations and effective advertising strategies to deliver quality candidates to our clients for their experienced roles.

Over the years, we have mastered the art of the people-role-place mix and we guarantee an exceptional match for your company’s structure, system and culture that will drive the level of activities needed to generate successful business results.

Our Solutions

  • E-Learning Platform
  • Learning Management System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Language Learning Platform
  • Job Search and Application Solutions
  • Workforce Technology Solutions
  • Sales Technology Solutions
  • SME Technology Solutions
  • Operations Management Solutions
  • Business Optimisation Solutions
  • Cost Optimisation Solutions
  • HR Technology Solutions
  • Assessment Management System
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Education Technology Solutions