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7 Ways Staff Outsourcing Can Improve Your Data Centre Operations In Nigeria

Over the last few years, Nigeria has gained traction in the growing number of data centres emerging across the country. This year alone, more than five (5) data centres have been launched in the country due to the increased demand for their services. 

For these and other existing data centres, keeping up with the fast pace of change can prove challenging. From meeting clients’ multiplying needs to implementing strategies to keep the facilities running at optimal levels, data centre managers and professionals find it increasingly difficult to deliver consistent and reliable performance to the corporate organisations that need these services. 

As individuals and organisations consume more content, use more cloud applications and demand more data services, data centre operations need to be more user friendly, have increased efficiency optimisation, and proficiency continue to meet current and anticipated future needs. 

So how can they do that? 

Outsourcing has proven to be the right decision for many organisations as a result of the numerous benefits obtained from it. Moreso, staff outsourcing has helped organisations gain access to a pool of talent and experienced consultants who have helped them save time and money. 

As a data centre operations manager, the appeal to outsource your high-level technical staffing requirements should be your priority. This will help in freeing up internal resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

7 Ways Staff Outsourcing Can Improve Your Data Centre Operations 

Data centre operation is a broad term that includes all the systems, workflows and processes used to operate a data centre facility. In order to drive improvement of your operations, here are seven (7) ways staff outsourcing can help you: 

Attract high-quality talent 

There’s no better place to start. Research from Uptime Institute noted that 53% of data centre administrators  reported difficulty in recruiting highly qualified staff; representing an increase from 47% in 2021.  

As an industry with the need for a new generation of talent, personnel outsourcing ensures that data centres gain access to super talent. HR Outsourcing vendors like Workforce Outsourcing have the resources and time to attract the best talent who are self-driven to help your organisation achieve its objectives. With the technicality and proficiency required in data centres, Workforce Outsourcing goes above and beyond to save you time in locating the best talent. 

Flexibility with your staff (24/7 Support) 

More often, data centres need teams that will be present at odd hours. The business also wants access to flexible teams with no change in cost. With staff outsourcing, you gain this flexibility while saving cost at the same time. 

For example, one of your network systems may experience some downtime in the middle of the night. It will be unfair to call the NOC engineer out of his/her home to fix the problem. Instead, an outsourced staff can be on ground to find a solution and restore normal functions of the system – because this is part of their contract. This way, your operations remain seamless, and you are also able to meet continuously changing needs. 

Reduction in operation costs 

Let’s face it! Technical employees are expensive resources to source for and maintain. 

Add that to the high cost of maintaining a data centre, and a business could be at threat of shutting down before they fully go functional. In addition, full-time management of technical employees can significantly increase the operational expenses of your business more than the cost of outsourcing your staff would. This is because you gain more benefits from using a staff-outsourcing vendor like Workforce Outsourcing at a significantly lower cost. 

When your employees are overworked, they can make mistakes which could potentially cost your business a lot of money. By outsourcing and having equally capable hands, you ensure cost savings that accrue and go into your business. This ultimately improves your productivity levels. 

Management of business risk

Management of business risk 

As mentioned earlier, it takes a considerable investment to establish a data centre facility, get the necessary equipment – software and hardware- and recruit, train and employ people. In addition, the maintenance and management of these assets can also be challenging and very costly. However, outsourcing covers and addresses these concerns. 

Staff outsourcing helps your business scale because you have the option to start from a single employee to as many as you require as the business expands. Also, when you outsource your staff, there’s no need to worry about retrenchment, retirement or other legally mandated benefits, as your outsourcing vendor takes sole responsibility for employee management. 

Importantly, you reduce capital investment risks as you only need to pay the agreed-upon rate per employee every month. This way, you can focus on improving core operations and innovations that will ensure exponential growth. 

The ease of engaging experts 

In the first point, we talked about getting high-quality talent in a new generation of tech skills; think cloud, cyber security, and Amazon Web Service (AWS), amongst others.  

Equally critical for data centres is tapping into a team of technical experts with supremely focused skill sets that can provide a high level of support and service. Outsourcing your staffing requirements ensures you are provided with experts who have the knowledge and experience to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, these experts provide a thorough insight into the health of your critical network systems. Imagine the peace of mind of having such capable hands. 

Opportunity to focus on the core business functions 

Staff outsourcing ensures ease of managing your organisation’s day-to-day maintenance, networking and security issues. This helps your in-house team focus on core functions, growth and profitability. By extension, this improvement in efficiency allows more time for better customer service, increased staff well-being, personal development and job satisfaction. 

Opportunity to scale your business (up or down) 

Naturally, as your business grows, you will need to scale up your network to meet new demands. An outsourced team of dedicated experts can easily take care of this. This is especially helpful if your business experiences regular fluctuations. Changes to business working models have also seen more employees work from home; thus, scaling down is possible when the need arises. 

Let’s be quick to mention here that data centres choose to outsource their staff for various strategic and business reasons. However, one thing remains certain: staff outsourcing has numerous benefits, especially when you want to sustain or improve operations. 

The data centre industry today is undergoing a significant technological revolution. As a result, it is essential that you are able to handle the demands and not lag behind. 

Finding a trustworthy, innovative and reliable employee outsourcing vendor like Workforce Outsourcing can help you avoid outsourcing challenges, maximise efficiency and productivity, which would lead to business growth and profitability. Workforce Group can help you find and manage the right team to ensure business success. 

Schedule a consultation with us today, let’s help you find out your staff outsourcing needs and get started immediately. 

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