Avoid These 3 Pitfalls When Opening a Consulting Business

If you’ve ever met someone who told you they were a “business consultant,” and you scratched your head wondering what in the heck does that really mean, you are not alone. The term “consultant” is so vague it often borders on euphemistic.


How to Set Fees as a Consultant Freelancer

To survive as a consultant in any industry, you need to charge fees that will enable you to stay in business; at the same time, both you and your clients need to feel that your fees are fair and equitable. So how do you find the middle ground that seems fair to everyone involved?


Ways to Motivate Individuals to Become a Winning Team

In sports, we often talk about athletes who “want it” more than others. These are the players who show up early, who use up every last ounce of energy in pursuit of their best performance. Players for whom defeat is viscerally painful, the ones who will stop at nothing to succeed.


Supporting Teams Your Business Needs to Succeed

Teamwork is critical to building a successful business. Successful entrepreneurs engage a brain trust of mentors and advisors who coach them for free, and they develop strategic partnerships with individuals and businesses.


Lessons I Learned From Ditching My 9-to-5

A year ago, after months of late nights and weekends spent working my side hustle, I made the leap into freelancing full time. Since then, I’ve been consulting for various small businesses, helping them launch their online presence.