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by Ugochukwu Anumiheoma

People, Project, and Process Outsourcing Services in Nigeria

Workforce Group is a leading outsourcing company in Nigeria providing organisations with opportunities to increase productivity, eliminate inefficiencies, and associated costs that arise from handling non-core functions.

As a 21st century business, outsourcing your business functions and focusing on your area of competency will help you achieve strategic goals.

Outsourcing is an effective way of improving your organisational productivity and gaining competitive advantage in your marketplace.

With 7000+ outsourced staff in a period of over a decade, we have helped several companies in Nigeria in managing employees, projects, and processes.


Employee Outsourcing Provisions

✅ Highly competent outsourced staff

✅ Swift salary and remittance of statutory payments

✅ Fast response to employer and employee issues

✅ Full compliance with SLA

✅ Quick staff deployment time

Why we are the best business outsourcing partner for you

Our outsourcing business is set up to cater to the growing needs of businesses like yours situated in Nigeria. We help you reap the economic, strategic, and operational benefits offered by outsourcing.

In addition, we deliver value-driven and sustainable people, project, and process outsourcing solutions that support your business strategy and growth.

With our outsourcing services, you have a powerful way to leverage an external pool of talents, manage personnel cost, and mitigate people-related risks through people, process, and project outsourcing.

Our Outsourcing Management Philosophy

Consistent Consultative Approach to Problem Solving

Compliance with Evolving Technology and Innovation

Regular People Management Competencies Upskilling

Commitment to Providing Client-Centric Services

Continuous never-ending Improvement

Outsourcing Service Areas

People Outsourcing

Our people outsourcing delivers value-driven sustainable solutions that support your business growth aspirations. This allows you to focus on your core competencies.

We recruit, train, screen employment-ready candidates in organisations. We also oversee outsourced staffs’ employment records, salary, and benefits management, promotions and increments, regulatory and statutory requirements, and all disciplinary and performance management matters.

Project Outsourcing

We know how expensive and unrealistic it is to stockpile skillsets that are only used occasionally. We help you maximise time and profit, and minimise cost by outsourcing your one-off tasks.

Our project outsourcing service executes and delivers on schedule both short-term and long term.

Process Outsourcing

Our process outsourcing helps you increase focus and efficiency through technology-enabled solutions like HR systems management, payroll, performance management, customer care services, call centre, marketing & marketing research support, data entry & correction, information capture.

Some of the outsourcing tasks we handle

⚪ Data Gathering and Survey

⚪ Document Sorting

⚪ Identity Verification

⚪ Background Check and Verification

⚪ Talent profiling and Assessments

⚪ Employee Handbook and Standard
Operating Policy Development

Technology-enabled outsourcing solutions

⚪ HR Systems Management

⚪ Call Centre

⚪ Payroll

⚪ Performance Management

⚪ Data Entry & Correction

⚪ Customer Care Services

⚪ Performance Capture

⚪ Marketing and Marketing Research Support