by Ugochukwu Anumiheoma
With almost 7,000 outsourced employees, we deliver value-driven and sustainable solutions that support the business growth aspirations of our clients, and allows organisations to focus on their core competencies.
Our outsourcing service is a powerful tool to leverage talent and improve productivity.

Organisations and their leaders look to us when:

  • They are searching for a competent partner who understands the specific business objectives they want to achieve with their decision to outsource.
  • They are frustrated and tired of poor outcomes from existing outsourcing service providers that just don’t get their need for quality people, world-class technology enablers, outcome-focused processes and strict adherence to their compliance and ethics agenda.
  • They want to outsource administrative/operational roles, tasks, or processes to a partner that will take these on and deliver on it as they would their core business.
  • They want to transform sales results by outsourcing the management of their sales force to a provider who understands that selling is the lifeblood of any business.
  • We provide cutting edge and best-in-class solutions to all our clients through our unique outsourcing engagement process. Our services include Employee Management Outsourcing (we currently have over 6,300 outsourced employees), Project & Business Process Outsourcing Task Outsourcing, and Virtual Staffing among others.

In a recent fraud survey conducted by the Bankers Society, the most interesting detail was that of the companies that had been surveyed. The second highest response to fraud prevention was reference checking/employee verification initiatives. However, many companies do not even bother to check reference details of their employees and many references are taken at face value without recourse to the referee.

The importance of knowing who you are employing cannot be overemphasised. In order to ensure that our clients really know the type of people they are employing within their organisation, we offer professional workforce verification services which serve as a valuable source of information about a candidate’s past experiences, accomplishments and integrity.

Our verification processes are both effective and efficient. We ensure that our esteemed clients get the most valid and relevant information to better inform their hiring and retention decisions.

Some of the verification services we offer include;

  • Academic Qualification Verification (Local & Foreign degree)
  • Professional Certificate Verification
  • Previous Employer Reference Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • NYSC Certificate Verification
  • Professional Qualification Verification
  • International Background Check
  • Personal Reference
  • Address confirmation
  • Contract/ Temporary Staff Background check, etc.


Accuracy of our Verification Report

The accuracy of our report is paramount and we strive every day to ensure we get it right. We understand that people’s careers are at stake and our clients rely on us to help them verify the authenticity of their staff documents, and we take this very seriously.

We have made it top priority in our business – both in our approach to verification as well as the approach we take on each project to verify and re-verify the accuracy of reports. This commitment to quality from the beginning is what is responsible for our incredible achievement so far in the area of Verification Services.

Data Requirements for Verification Services

For each verification project, depending on the particular type of verification, we usually request the following:

  • Letter from company authorising us to verify their staff information
  • Letter of consent from the staff whose information is to be verified. This will be required on demand as situation warrants
  • Clear photocopies of documents to be verified
  • In some instances, we will require matriculation number of staff
  • For Criminal Checks, we will need to capture candidates’ fingerprints and will require 2 passport photographs of each candidate
  • For neighbourhood checks, we will need the current addresses of the candidates (residence of 1-yr, minimum)
  • For Previous Employer Reference Checks, we will require the following:
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Contact Person’s E-mail address and Phone Number

Workforce Business Process Outsourcing services cater to businesses who need to outsource those tasks which are mundane and voluminous and require independent evaluation and reporting; or those tasks which can be executed more efficiently and cost effectively by an outside partner.

Our teams work hand-in-hand with clients to create and deliver business and technology solutions that directly fit their needs and drive the results they want. We deliver high performance and cost-effective client solutions.

Some of our technology enabled business process outsourcing solutions include:

  • HR Consulting
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Talent Assessment
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Vendor Value Management
  • Customer Acquisition Services
  • Customer Care Services
  • Marketing & Market Research Support
  • Data Entry & Correction
  • Document Conversion and Storage
  • Information Capture, etc.

These services help organisations achieve their growth and performance objectives through:

  • Achieving long-term cost savings
  • Allowing management to focus on core business
  • Achieving service quality improvements
  • Achieving IT-enabled business transformation
  • Gaining access to best-in-class skills and capabilities

The concept of fully loaded cost is fundamental to BPO. Most times, clients will only think of the cost of labour when attempting to establish the cost to the business of having Person X performing tasks A, B & C in-house. However, it is critical to factor in the costs associated with hardware, software, furniture, stationery, salary contributions, management, and training in order to accurately understand the true cost of this person to the organisation i.e. the fully loaded cost.

By partnering with a specialist BPO provider like us, you eliminate the need to recruit & train new employees as well as cut down on administration & HR management costs.

With the current trend in improving the bottom-line of the organisation through WFMC Outsourcing model provides our client expertise in the different areas that we focus on.

With the increasing need of organisation’s to focus the effort of all team members on sales & revenue generation, outsourcing has never been more needed.

The emphasis of BPO has long shifted from pure cost reduction to performance improvement. BPO providers are specialists at the services they provide and, as such, can deliver improved service quality to clients.

By allowing your BPO partner to handle some or all of your non-core activities, your own in-house team can refocus all time, energy and resources on activities directly linked to your top line.

By partnering with a BPO provider, firms enable themselves to become leaner, more dynamic and more agile.

BPO providers allow client firms to scale quickly in response to increased demand and/or new services/products or promotional campaigns. This is imperative in today’s economic climate.

One of the most critical units of any organisation is Human Resources, because it is the unit saddled with the responsibility of attracting and retaining talent.

The HR unit also handles all administrative processes and procedures that are likely to slow down the productivity of the organisation.

Our HR outsourcing solution aims to help MSMEs create greater efficiency within their HR systems, thereby reducing the time and resources spent on HR administration and freeing up management attention to focus on strategic HR activities.

At the same time MSMEs will be able to gain access to a highly competent pool of HR practitioners for professional HR guidance and advice.

Studies have shown that MSMEs who outsource some key functions of their business reaped significant profitability compared to those who don’t.

HR functions are often challenging for MSME’s because they either lack the skills and manpower required to effectively perform the role or are unable to afford the complex and expensive technology to maintain HR systems and software. This tends to put them at a disadvantage.

As an SME, you can decide to outsource your entire HR operations, or get a less personalised service that complements the expertise you already have in-house.

Some of our commonly outsourced HR functions we handle, include:

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • HR Strategy
  • Background Checks
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Employee Training
  • Pensions
  • Employee handbook and policy manual creation
  • Training/Talent development
  • Exit Management

Our HR-Go-To which is targeted at MSMEs offers a flexibility of options that allows your company the freedom to focus on its areas of core competence.

Whether your organisation needs full-time hands on HR support which would require handling its end-to-end HR functions for a period of time, or one that takes care of specific aspects of the HR function, the HR-Go-To has the capabilities to deliver.

Where only specific HR tasks or processes are to be handled by HR-Go-To, an HR professional will come in once a week to attend to the HR concerns the company has outsourced in order to ensure that there are no lapses where these functions are concerned.

Workforce Outsourcing Strategic Business Unit was set up to cater to a growing need of businesses to streamline their HR processes to reap greater economic, strategic, and operational benefits.

With almost 7,000 outsourced employees, we deliver value-driven and sustainable solutions that support the business growth aspirations of our clients, and allows organisations to focus on their core competencies.

Outsourcing is a practice that many companies around the world are adopting to achieve greater organisational effectiveness, flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads and a focused HR management.

Organisations are constantly faced with the decision of whether to expend resources to create an asset, resource, product or service internally or to buy it from an external party. If the organisation chooses to buy, it is engaging in outsourcing.

The modern day organisation outsources software development, innovation and research, and development efforts. They also outsource functional areas such as marketing, human resource administration, as well as finance and accounting.

An outsourcing initiative calls for the transfer of factors of production; the resources used to perform the work and the decision rights, or responsibilities for making decisions.

With the increasing need of organisation’s to focus the effort of all team members on sales & revenue generation, outsourcing has never been more needed.

The emphasis of Outsourcing has long shifted from pure cost reduction to performance improvement.

People Outsourcing

People outsourcing is a practice that many companies around the world are adopting to achieve greater organisational effectiveness, flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads and a focused HR management.

Workforce Outsourcing Strategic Business Unit caters to businesses which desire to streamline their HR processes to reap greater economic, strategic and operational benefits.

We act as a third party service provider that recruits, trains, and places employment-ready candidates in organisation’s; in line with client specifications to meet their Workforce needs.

Our outsourced employees are capable of delivering value that far outweighs the cost of engaging them to our clients. Our clients have entrusted us with the outsourcing of a broad range of roles.

Our People Outsourcing services are built on a unique model where a number of HR processes have been effectively orchestrated to deliver a seamless, cost-effective and comprehensive outsourcing solution to our clients.

Subsequently, we oversee the outsourced staff’s’ employment records/files, salary and benefits management, promotions and increments, regulatory and statutory requirements and all disciplinary and performance management matters.

Workforce People Outsourcing solution effectively relieves organisations of the day-to-day HR operations management issues, thereby saving their time and enabling them to focus on more strategic and value-adding initiatives.

As a result of this value proposition, our clients have entrusted us with the outsourcing of roles such as:

  • Direct Sales Agents
  • Customer Service Agents
  • Teller/Transaction Officers/Processing Staff
  • Relationship Officers
  • Secretaries/Personal Assistants
  • Call Centre Staff/Secretaries
  • Administrative/Platform Assistants
  • Personnel who possess Professional Qualifications such as ACA and ACCA
  • Supervisory Executives

Workforce Outsourcing employs a unique model that offers our clients the following services:

  • Recruitment and placement of employees
  • Completion of onboarding formalities, background checks and verification
  • Maintenance of employee files
  • Processing of salaries and pay packages
  • Income tax management for employees
  • Medical benefits / insurance management
  • Terminal benefits management
  • Performance appraisal results coordination
  • Training needs analysis and facilitation
  • Subsidies and employee loan processing and custodial services
  • Staff surveys and motivational analysis
  • Indemnifying the client of all statutory obligations
Task Outsourcing

Workforce Task Outsourcing caters to businesses that need to outsource those tasks which are mundane and voluminous; requiring independent evaluation and reporting, or those tasks which can be executed more efficiently and cost effectively by an outside partner.

Organisations need human and material resources that can match up with the challenging demands of building an effective business. However, in many cases, they are unable to supply the right mix of knowledge and competence required to execute specific tasks or projects.

Considering that it is expensive and unrealistic to stockpile skillsets that are only used occasionally, every organisation looks to maximise time and profit, and minimise cost. When one-off tasks and projects have to be executed, the most effective way to get them done on time and successfully is by outsourcing them to a competent third party provider.

It’s for this reason that the staff-on-demand service was introduced through our mobile technology platform that features a crowd sourced on demand – Outwork. The app provides workers to help execute tasks so organisations can focus on their innovation and growth.

Staff-on-demand addresses specific projects or tasks that individuals, groups or organistions have to carry out within a scheduled time frame.

The advantage of outsourcing these tasks is that businesses do not have to incur the extra cost associated with the more common staff-on-premise service that requires outsourced staff to work fully from the client’s office.

The organisation can also focus on its core competencies and rest assured that their project has been left in the hands of professionals who will give value for money.

With staff-on-demand, outsourced staff who can be likened to foot soldiers who are recruited to execute projects efficiently and on time. Virtually every task (particularly those which require a large number of people) can be executed through the Staff-on-demand service.

Therefore, whether you are a data analyst seeking to make use of data regarding the number of telecommunications companies within a region of the country, or a waste recycler looking to gather tons of empty cans, the staff-on-demand solution is for you.