Line Manager as a Coach and Talent Developer

Line managers play a crucial role in coaching, developing, retaining, and supporting talented employees within their team. Coaching can make a significant difference in every organisation as it helps individuals – and teams – improve performance, acquire new skills and collaboratively work with others.


The role of the line manager as the “bridge” between the team and the organisation remains critical and the right coaching skills can enhance their capacity to deal with people issues and employee expectations more effectively. Participants on this programme will learn the stages in an effective coaching process as well as when and how to use key coaching techniques.

Date: September 2023
Duration: 2 days
Course: Line Manager as a Coach and Talent Developer 

This programme is essential for:

All Mid- to senior-level HR professionals, Team leads, business leaders, line managers, supervisors and anyone with direct day-to-day responsibility for a number of employees.

Speakers Section

Lagbaja Tamedo

Global Head of Talent, XYZ Nigeria

Lagbaja Tamedo

Global Head of Talent, XYZ Nigeria

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to;


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