Stepping Up: Leadership Development for Emerging Leaders

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Harness your Leadership superpowers. Learn the skills, abilities, habits, tools and core leadership strategies needed for successful leadership.




2 Days (8hrs)

Course Format

Live Online / Offline


About the Programme

The role of the emerging leader is rapidly changing as businesses face a greater need for agility, speed and adaptability.

Emerging leaders are the future of business. They are the key to creating and sustaining a competitive edge. Companies across every industry face complex organisational challenges requiring the rapid development of new and agile leaders. Leaders must now more than ever develop and use fundamental leadership abilities fast, adopt a broad strategic view, and broaden their personal and professional networks. They must also be able to work collaboratively within teams to address these challenges effectively.

This intensive programme is designed to help emerging leaders master some core business concepts, build crucial leadership skills, explore and develop their leadership style and accelerate their careers. Also, the course will equip you with the business knowledge, leadership abilities, and mindset needed to face today's global issues and prosper in the uncertain business climate.


What will the Programme do for you?

By attending this live open programme, participants will be able to:


Who is this Programme for?

This Workforce Group online open programme is essential for all senior leaders, emerging leaders, newly promoted leaders, individual contributors, or high-potential people in organisations who have the capacity to lead and influence others but may be new to management or do not yet have formal management responsibilities.


In-demand skills you can gain



Conflict Management

Analytical Skills

Self-management skills

Presentation skills

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